Monday, September 21, 2015

Naranjan needs your help

Long serving hockey official Naranjan Singh needs assistance.

He is currently warded at Pusat Perubatan University Malaya and is of urgent need of funds to undergo a surgery to implant a stent for his heart and needs RM10,000 for this.

Naranjan does not have the means to come up with that amount of money and this blog appeals on his behalf for donors to help by banking in money to his sisters account  Harvinder Kaur at  CIMB account number 14570009058527.

Please spread the word and assist him as the operation is on Wednesday.

God bless.


Penang State Hockey Association President Dato Ow Soon Kooi has quit.

He submitted his resignation last Monday and the state HA will convene a meeting this Sunday to decide their next course of action, after accepting the resignation.

It is learnt that Ow quit as he could not give his full focus and his election as MHC Vice President was also a factor.

It must be noted that Ow has done the right thing by vacating his state post so there is no conflict nor convergence of interest with holding two positions.

This resignation should be emulated by others that cling on to state positions and this Los not good as they will always have conflict of interest.

It will be interesting to see if others share these strong principles of Dato Ow.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


From the little I studied maths, 100 days is a culmination of 100 days to mark a particular day.

For instance, when a new government or Minister takes office, their plans or effectiveness is always measured by the 100 days factor.

Thus it comes as a surprise when claim that MHC new office bearers will announce a so called grand plan to mark their 100 days at the helm next Wednesday.

Any child who can do plus and minus in maths will tell you that 100 days, from May 13 till August 20 is the correct time frame.

And they have achieved zilch in the 100 days.

Let's list out the failures ;

1. Ran the MHL like a B grade movie, rushing the knockout stages in a week, facing scant respect to the Division One

2. Failed to make the Olympics with teams like Brazil, Ireland and Canada making it there .

3. unsure if the Razak Cup will be held where.

4. never paid their debts to umpires and technical officials for the Junior League.

Lots more but as I feel some just will bark at anything as long as they get something in return .......

Saturday, September 5, 2015


In life we cross paths with people from all walks of life, different customs, upbringing and values.

But separating the stones from gems is what our lives challenges are all about.

Some will go out of their way to help a stranger, while others will just be selfish and think about their own well doing.

On Saturday September 5, a group of former hockey internationals showed every trait a parent would be proud of.

They did something that one would never hope to learn at the Havard Business School.

These group of players got together to raise funds to help this blogger cover his medical expenses.

A total of RM27,500 was raised by their noble effort in conducting coaching clinics as well as a charity match against the KL Development Squad.

I had the pleasure of seeing all of them blossom from good hockey players into successful careers in their lives. God ha been kind to all of them and I hope and pray that he continues to bless them.

While some hockey players and officials pour sand in my rice bowl, it was refreshing to see that many still hold on to the believe that truth must be told, no matter how bitter it is.

I have suffered over the months, depleting my savings so as to meet medical bills, right from amputation of me toe last year, to losing my kidneys in April and recently underwent a cornea transplant after losing sight in one eye.

I have tried to earn a living doing what I know best - writing. But when there are people who cannot rationalism this, when there are people who come to Tampun and promise all kind of things yet fail to keep their words, what can one do?

To these players of the 1990 and 1993 Junior Asia Cup squads, no amount of words can express how grateful I am to each and everyone of them.

To the members of the media, young and old who came, my sincere appreciation and thanks.

There were others like Dato Sieh Kok Chi, Dato Dina Rizal, K. Maheswari, Melvin Chia, RosmanizamAbdullah, Dato Dr. Ramlan Abdul Aziz, Arrifin Ghani, Satish Kunar, Wallace Tan, V. Sasidharan and others that I may have overlooked, thank you for a memorable Saturday.

And to coach Paramalingam, you developed a fine bunch of gentlemen.

God bless you all.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


In what can be considered a blunder by MHC, a suspended player played 50 minutes in a Division One match before he was removed from the pitch.

The finger pointing has started as all involved blame one another, right from the admin staff at the MHC office, the technical officials to the team managers.

The rules are clear - the team that fielded the suspended player will be deemed to have lost the match by. 3-0 margin.

But why are those responsible administratively being let off the hook? 

The Chinese have a saying - to know if a fish is rotten, check the head.

Enough said as the MHL is truly a circus.

Monday, August 31, 2015


Having undergone a cornea transplant a week ago in additional to cataract surgery, I was unable  to read my emails let alone update this blog.

However I must write and inform all that despite my poor medical condition, as I have no functioning kidneys and had a tow amputated due to diabetes and now loss of eyesight in one eye with the other partially affected, I have received a letter of demand from one Logan Raj kali Kavandan via his lawyers.

I am this seeking legal advice pro bono from legal eagles that wish to represent me in this matter.

I sought the assistance of a friend to type out this update as I am unable to read now type at this moment due to the eye surgery.

God bless the Juniors of 1993 who have organized a charity match on September 5 for my benefit. You are truly Angels that are God sent.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


When there is lack of experience and knowledge, it shows up like a sore thumb.

And although someone is paid RM5,000 monthly as the Admin Exec, supposedly to guide the CEO, his poor administrative skills are laid bare.

Above it the notice of meeting of the MHC Executive Board.

Ignore the spelling or even the way sentences are made up by pay special attention to the content.

Several aspects intrigue me as well as others I shared this notice of meeting.

Conspicuously missing is the Managers report of the National Senior Men and Women's team as well as the National Juniors.

The National team failed to make the Olympics and someone has to be accountable and table a report, unless they were all on holiday there.

The women's team struggled at the SEA Games and once again it is imperative that someone has to answer.

As for the National Juniors, where is the report as to why we struggled to defeat Singapore in the final.

Also missing from the agenda is the report from the various sub committees and the 1 Mas program.

Matters like salary increase and revision of claims should come under the CEO report and there is no necessity for that to be part of the agenda, as no mention of paying Gundu Mama and the Treasurer appears in the last EB minutes.

The EB should be presented with a strategic plan for hockey for the next 4 years starting with the qualification for the Junior World Cup followed by the World Cup.

What justification is there to be paying Terry Walsh RM50k monthly is the KPI is to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Remember 16 teams make it to the 2018 World Cup so any local coach can do that for half that money.

What are plans to help the states? The RM600,000 per year to Terry can be put to better use of proper developmentprograms are implemented.

There is interest in states as evident that there are 20 teams in the Negeri Sembilan league but what is MHC doing to help states?

A childish agenda is what one will conclude as matters such as paying debts are not addressed but trying to be a populist rule by salary and claims increase is deemed of more importance.

Vested interest is not addressed as those in power continue to abuse their positions.